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Admiration Uncensored pieces are handmade & delicate!





Storing and cleaning your jewelry properly will ensure longevity! Direct and prolonged contact with perfumes, lotions, water, and chemicals aid in the tarnishing process of the jewelry.


Plating on some item(s) may fade  with normal wear and minimal care, over time. There is no way to avoid fading when wearing costume jewelry.


Cleaning item(s) with tarnish removers or jewelry cleaner is NOT recommended. Cleaning items with the jewelry cloths provided with your purchase is BEST! In the case that you do not have the jewelry cloth provided, I recommend cleaning piece(s) with warm water and a soft towel to dry, after.


We recommend storing  your jewelry in a special drawer, box, or bag, such as the one that we provide.


admiration uncensored
admiration uncensored
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